What Are Paul Mampilly’s Real Secrets To Investing?

A common misconception in investing is that you must be a Wall Street insider to know how to make big money. But Paul Mampilly who at one time was in the know at Wall Street has explained otherwise.

Mampilly is the author of several newsletters including “Profits Unlimited,” and he discusses with readers how investing is quite simple if you know what to look for. Much of his secret is simply staying read up on the consumer world and keeping an eye on the latest technology developments. Mampilly shows his followers how to find up and coming stocks to buy, and how they can do it without a broker.

Paul Mampilly has admitted that if he could go back and redo how he became an investor, he might have skipped over much of his banking career. Yet it was doing that that got him started investing. After graduating from University in New Jersey, he began portfolio management at Deutsche Bank, and from there went to Banker’s Trust, IMG, Sears and a private Swiss bank.

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He went from banking to hedge fund management in 2006 and joined Kinetics International Fund, an upstart hedge fund recognized by Barron’s. Mampilly was becoming a prominent investor in his own right, and with the research he put into it started finding investments that brought as high as 20% returns for clients. He was also building his own personal portfolio at the same time, and in the years that Facebook was still a novelty, Mampilly seized the opportunity to buy their stock and was later able to sell it at over 300% profit.

Paul Mampilly’s most exciting time as a professional investor may have been when he was investing in the Templeton Foundation investment competition. This competition, hosted from 2008 through 2009 saw him turn $50 million into $88 million, and all while the housing and mortgage crisis was at its peak. After winning the prestigious Templeton award, Mampilly decided it was time to retire and become an independent consultant. He spends much of his days with family, but also reads a lot of magazines that he gleans investment information from. He’s reached over 60,000 subscribers with “Profits Unlimited” and has been working on other newsletters through Banyan Hill Publishing.

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