Troy McQuagge Shines in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Merit Awards

The One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award is quite competitive. Everyone wants to scoop the highly admired accolade. The year 2016 turned to be one of the best for US Health Group. Usually, the organization with the awarding initiative honors the venture that exhibits incredible professional distinction. Troy McQuagge, the current CEO of US Health, assumed office in the organization in 2010. He concentrated his efforts on restructuring the company. The company’s captive distribution agency was among the first areas to retool. His efforts to manage the business could not go unrewarded. In 2014 Mr. Troy was tasked as the President and CEO. Two years later, and the company is the best merit performer in the entire world.

Fundamentals Surrounding US Health Group

US Health Group, Inc. provides insurance services in Ft. Worth, Texas. Their primary focus is to provide coverage plans that employ the state-of-the-art technology. Mostly, their target clients are the entrepreneurs running their businesses, as well as the self-employed persons. US Health does not fear competition. In any case, the presence of competitors keeps them on their toes. Their highly skilled staff members unify their talents with the proficiency of the agents. The synthesizing enables the firm to design superior insurance products that keep building their brand. They managed to raise their products to a competitive level, which made their trademark quite famous. Their customer care department is equally perfect and gives an ear to all their potential and existing clients and read full article.

Effects That the Award Had on US Health Group, Inc. Entirely

Troy was quite excited at winning the award. Troy could not hide his joy as he expressed his gratitude to the entire US Health staff members. The outstanding leader attributed the great success to the rest of the employees. He could not fail to commend them for their unmatched devotion. They are driven to resolve issues to do with healthcare service affordability by framing the best policies for their clients. As they keep growing, they also embrace technology. Their IT desk comprises of talented technicians, who are capable of designing unique models for the customers.