Town Residential Opens New Office Location

Luxury real estate firm Town Residential has recently expanded to a new neighborhood. It has leased office space at the 10th outpost of Manhattan in the meatpacking district. This new location completes the firm’s recent expansion which will likely lead to more opportunities to get more business and help the firm achieve some of its upcoming goals. With the meatpacking district being one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city, Town Residential has found a great opportunity to capitalize on a chance for rapid business growth. It has also created a more appealing office environment for both brokers and clients. The new location will provide brokers and clients with a more ideal place to conduct business in terms of arranging real estate deals.


The meatpacking district is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city which has presented Town Residential with a great opportunity to boost its client base. With a number of businesses and individuals moving into the neighborhood, there will be lots of opportunities for a company such as Town Residential to lease more property. Many businesses believe that they can get quality real estate at affordable rates and position themselves in a more vibrant location. Residents are also looking to live in a trendy neighborhood and therefore look to rent property in this neighborhood. With these factors in mind, Town Residential can take these people on as new clients and introduce them to some of the most appealing properties in the city.


Town Residential moved to this new location to provide a more noticeable presence and convenience for prospective clients. By having a central location in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, the firm will have a great way to entice a number of more individuals and businesses to work with their firm. Since there are many people and businesses looking for quality real estate in the city, they will want to find a leasing firm that can find them the best property. Those seeking to lease space in the meatpacking district will be in very close proximity to Town Residential thanks to the new location. At this location, brokers and clients will be able to take advantage of more convenience when facilitating new real estate deals.


Not only does the new location more convenience and opportunities for new business, it also gives both clients and brokers an ideal location to conduct business. The new office has a luxurious interior that will make clients and brokers feel at home. With an outdoor space in the office, brokers and clients will be able to discuss real estate leases in a very relaxed natural environment. This will definitely make the overall experience very satisfying for both parties on a regular basis. With this new luxurious office location, Town Residential will have yet another opportunity to establish itself as the top luxury real estate leasing firm in the city.

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