Tour An Organic Japanese Farm With Kim Dao

Australian YouTuber Kim Dao absolutely loves Japan. Indeed, she loves the island nation so much that she majored in Japanese in college and now works in Tokyo. Kim Dao often posts videos of her many Japanese adventures on her two YouTube pages. One such video, entitled “A Day in TOKYO | Organic Food | HARAJUKU Shopping & Haul,” takes viewers on a stylish tour of Japan’s capital.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao is standing by Harajuku Station. She says she is going to go on a tour called “Dining at Farm” with the company Tabica. Kim Dao then immediately walks towards Takeshita Dori to go to Tabica’s main headquarters.


Once inside Tabica’s central office, Kim Dao tells her viewers how to find their office if they ever want to go on a Tabica tour. Kim is then whisked away into a car with her tour guide.


When Kim Dao arrives at a local farm, she says she is going to learn how to harvest vegetables and cooks tempura with her tour guide. A few of the veggies Kim Dao gets to try include eggplant, capsicum, and corn. Even though Kim says she doesn’t really like vegetables, she really enjoys everything she eats here.


After her tour of the farm is done, Kim Dao spends the rest of the video shopping around Harajuku. Some stores Kim Dao browses include H&M and Forever 21.


A few moments later, Kim Dao heads to Shibuya for more shopping. She ends up looking around in the famous mall Shibuya109 and eating dinner at Genki Sushi. The video closes with a shopping haul.


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