Roberto Santiago of Manaira Mall Sets the Operating Pace for Brazilians

When it comes to identifying prominent business professionals in Brazil, Roberto Santiago is a leading figure. From writing catchy articles to establishing leading malls featuring state-of-the-art equipment, it is undisputed that Roberto Santiago is an influential role model in not only Brazil but the world. For a 58-year-old man, Santiago has achieved enormous success. From a boutique coffee shop, he emerged an excellent entrepreneur who is currently in charge of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago is a true reflection of the benefits of cultivating the virtue of patience. This is because had he not been patient, he probably would have given up on his entrepreneurial dreams.




The career of Roberto Santiago is traced to writing. With the vast knowledge that he has garnered about Brazil, Roberto established a blog. From writing motivational articles to entrepreneurship, Roberto Santiago built an incredible reputation thanks to his determination to succeed in business. Aside from being an avid writer, he is an excellent producer and video director. Roberto’s name thrived in his services to the world. Being visionary, Roberto built Manaira Mall. This must be one of his best success stories given the revenue it generates, and the positive reviews customers give as feedback.


Manaira Shopping


Manaira Mall was built in 1989. Geographically located in Paraiba, Brazil, the mall serves the entire city given its central location. This is a one-stop shopping mall for multiple household items including entertainment and banking. For most urban dwellers, Manaira Mall is the center of entertainment, shopping, bars, restaurants, banking halls, education as well as food courts. From attractive alleys to gardens and movie theaters, Roberto Santiago built an unparalleled shopping mall with family in mind. In fact, it is projected that the Manaira Mall is the size of a small city. It has everything a home may need.




Brazilians highly prefer Manaira Mall because of the entertainment hub. With approximately ten modern technology movie theatres, the hub provides unmatched machines for entertainment. The movie theatres offer bar services as well as snacks. Aside from that, the hub has a variety of 3D movies. About three of the entertainment movie theatres have the 3D feature. The hall also holds the Domus Hall. This hall is strategically located at the center of the mall. The Domus Hall is the docket for all other variety of entertainment. Being large to the point of accommodating approximately 8, 000 people, the hall is extensively utilized for exhibitions, concerts, festival as well as live concerts. For individuals who are interested in learning the Brazilian culture, the Domus Hall is the right place to be. In this hall, international artists perform different genres of music and poetry. Brazilians continue to enjoy shopping at Manaira thanks to Roberto’s efforts in achieving his life goals.