Omar Boraie: An Entrepreneur With An Aim To Change The Future Of New Brunswick

While there is a plethora of builders and developers spending their money in luxury apartments, you may find very few who are not thinking about their future but the future of a whole community. Omar Boraie, a pioneer and one of a leading entrepreneur who isn’t just an ordinary real estate businessman but also a passionate philanthropist. He is the founder and now the VP of Boraie Development; BD is a company that transformed New Brunswick into a metropolitan orchard.

People of New Brunswick were initially stunned when a foreign national from Egypt came here with his plans of building community houses, posh apartments and modern buildings there. Though everybody was in doubt in the beginning, due to his consistency, approach and extensive skills, people started to believe him and assisted him with his projects. The Aspire, Rector Street, and Albany Street Plaza are some of his notable projects that were the real proof of his dedication, love, and devotion to this town and its citizens.

Although Omar regarded as the most successful builder and developer in New Brunswick, he is also a leading philanthropist. He is involved in some social causes and also serves as a Board of Trustees for New Brunswick’s State Theater. Omar along with his company has been sponsoring the state theater to arrange a huge number of summer events for the citizen so they can enjoy some time out from their day to day problems. Sam believes that developing a community is a substantial pre-requisite for the property development and that’s where all developers must step forward to help their communities to grow, in a report by NJBiz. And now few other developers are contributing to bringing luxurious and sophisticated architectural attractions to the town of New Brunswick. The city has received a superb transformation of structures to add innovation and draw the new millennial. Boraie hired Tishman Construction to build The Aspire, and this architecture later became his recognition in real estate market. According to Omar, the whole project cost the company approx. US$77 million to build and establish. Credits and incentives of approximately US$23.8 million would apply toward the cost.

Sam serves on the advisory board for a nonprofit organization known as Elijah’s Promise. This organization serves the local community by offering meals for the hungry and uses food as a transformation tool. This organization fight to end hunger through promoting food for all, providing job training and education for the food industry, and producing social enterprise food businesses that will help people to build a better world. Elijah’s Promise started as a volunteer-run soup kitchen serving food to hungry people in whole New Brunswick, read more about this on They prepare thousands of nutritious, delicious meals continuously and give them to the needy people with access to quality food. They also provide tools to individuals and families for professional and personal improvement. Elijah’s Promise believes in such enterprises that benefit workers, consumers and society as a whole and they do that by changing the way people eat food and work in different food businesses that bring us little closer to a better world.

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  1. Omar has really transformed New Brunswick to something else. I was there a few months back and I was shuddered with what I saw. Everywhere was completely developed and some the estates used modern facilities too which might been seen in city like New York and incredibly surprising that firm such as Internet Business Corner has really benefited a lot by moving to New Brunswick which is indeed very good and I know other business would do likewise in the near future.

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