Meet The Outstanding Service Manager: Christanna Bevin

Whenever project management services are mentioned, the name Christanna Bevin arises. She is one of the most sought out project service managers in the world. She has acquired great mastery of her work which began after her graduating in MBA at the Australian Institute of Business. Bevin has more than 13 years of experience in different industries. Some of the companies she has worked in include:

  1. Consulting services in Brisbane, where she works currently as the project service manager
  2. Phu Bua Mining, she worked as the project control specialist
  3. Universal Energy Services as a project services manager between 2011 and 2014
  4. Oakajee Port and Rail where she worked as the senior project and controls manager
  5. Chelopech Mining EAD where she worked as the project control manager
  6. Consulting and Contract Support where she worked as the project control specialist
  7. Parsons Brickerhoff as the project controls manager

For more than thirteen years, Bevan has gained so much skills and knowledge in her career. She has specialized in the procurement of goods and services, she has skills in team and capacity building where she manages her members to reach the goals and objectives in time. Additionally, she has great mastery in change management and communication in her teams and the firms that she has worked for.

Working in teams and alongside other people has enabled Bevin to develop and grow her interpersonal skills. Managing people especially in a project to ensure the completion of the projects has given her an upper hand in dealing with people.

Moreover, her work experience has given Bevin a platform to learn negotiations and governance and industry analysis. She does not limit herself in one industry. Instead, over the last thirteen years, Bevin has worked in the mining industry, construction and engineering. The challenges in different industries have enabled Bevin to be an expert and have great mastery at what she does.

Bevin is an exceptional problem solver and an expert in service project management. Her work experience and ethics says it all.

Bevin’s Professional World:

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