Making a Difference

Talk Fusion was founded in early 2007 with the aim of helping all kind of individuals. Bob Reina, the founder and Principal Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, said that they are dedicated to building a better tomorrow, making dreams come true and generally giving back to the society. With the mercurial leadership of Bob, they are devoted to changing lives.

Bob Reina is usually heard saying that great success brings about a greater responsibility. The objectives of the company are already embedded in all employees DNA and their motivation is comparable to none. Bob is an experienced individual and constantly offers guidance to his peers to ensure that they strive to help more individuals.

Reina has already contributed to many amazing activities. He donated more than one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, saved millions of animal’s lives and contributed a lot of funds to the Indonesian orphanage.

Recently, Bob Reina involvement in nonprofit activities led him to start a new feature in Talk Fusion. This is a feature that allows all his associates to donate free accounts to any charity group or activity.

This program is under the custom monthly plan and includes complete customization, branding and free access to the company’s video marketing products. Talk Fusion’s products include live meetings, sign up forms, video chat, video newsletters and video email.

Over the years, Bob Reina has had just one idea in his mind, finding effective and new ways to help institutions and individuals achieve their goals and live their dreams by offering pioneering video marketing products.

According to PR News Wire, with the recent success stories, Talk Fusion is on its way to taking over the world. Simple things like giving someone a second opportunity to rebuild, providing medical funds and helping families goes a long way in placing a smile on people’s faces. Bob donated millions of dollars to the Nepal earthquake victims and the Japan tsunami.

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  1. Apart from personal contributions and his company’s objectives, Bob has a lot of Independent Associates in over one hundred and forty countries worldwide. Great people in this world lead from the frontline and their actions speak for themselves. The issue on ground is that can have as much as they would need which in the end can make them start what they would want to start.

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