Kim Dao Shares Harajuku Day And Haul

Those who would like to travel without the need to leave their own home will appreciate this video from Kim Dao and the way that she allows her viewers to spend a day in Harajuku with her. This video shows Kim Dao as she heads off to get her hair done at her favorite salon. The video shows this young woman as the work is completed on her hair, and all who watch the video have the chance to see right away what is being completed and how she feels about all that is done. Those who would like to shop with Kim Dao have the chance to do that, too, by watching this video and joining her in that way. Learn more:


Kim Dao allows her viewers to see her as she goes about a day in Harajuku in this video, and she features scenes from the stores where she spent time shopping. At the end of this video, Kim Dao takes some time to share all of the things that she purchased. Those who would like to get a closer look at some of the things that were in the stores that Kim Dao shopped at will appreciate the ending and all that she shares in it. This video is a fun look at a day spent in Harajuku. Learn more: