Julie Zuckerberg: A Person For Your Talent Acquisition Needs

Julie Zuckerberg is a Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruitment Leader at Deutsche Bank. She Took philosophy as her subject and then took former education from New York-Brooklyn College, and further went for studied law at the Law School in New York. She joined Hudson after completing her education, where she worked as an executive of candidate placement. Julie stayed with Hudson for almost five years, and during her career with Hudson, she employed attorneys, support staff, case managers, and paralegals, along with diverse levels of employees.



Thanks to her knowledge in Law that she earned from New York Law School, she even served sensibly as the primary link amongst the employees and management in case of any issues and problems that are workplace-related arise, and she makes sure that same is handled and resolved within the legitimate framework and compliance.



Julie also manages a team of expert recruiters whom she assists and provides vital directions. She is also known for her management skills in employing executive recruiters that bring the best diversity of talented individual. She provides the best services for recruiting benefiting businesses with her professional background and talent in addition to her continuing education, all across the country.



In 2007, Julie Zuckerberg joined Citi Global Consumer Bank and became Executive Recruiter in New York Branch. She advised management on numerous trends about recruitment and compensation strategies to help a company get an edge over other competitors. She provided visions on talent acquisition and economic market with actionable ideas and planning. Her active contribution in complex talent recruitment and acquisition comprised negotiation of relocation, equity buyouts, and immigration along with different other complex components of recruitment.



Till 2017, she became an executive recruiter by her exceptional skills and performance. At Citi Group, she gained the exposure and learned more about hiring process in a practical and in-depth manner. That’s because it’s the experience which assists recruiter to identify the suitability and productivity of a candidate for the company.



Hiring appropriate talent isn’t just the key to success and better results and performance, but it’s also an art. By handling the top level employment for Citi and its numerous branches, Julie learned a wealth of knowledge, information, and skills in compliance, audit, legal, recruitment and management front.



Currently, she is a Talent Acquisition Lead with Deutsche Bank and helps them with counseling and coaching recruitment executive groups. She heads the process for employing MD level positions and also leads negotiations. Julie Zuckerberg plays an extensive range of roles and leads diverse responsibilities at Executive Talent Lead, beginning from recruitment to business management and from the management of client to make sure the best practices in employment management within a company.



Besides her professional life, Julie is a very nice person in nature and prefers to use her free time for numerous charitable causes. Except for her work and charitable causes, she is a lover of food, art, technology, and also her pets. In her free time, she enjoys running and photography as well.