Is Mark sparks an investment genius?

Starting a business is never easy. However, there are those people who always know the right button to push when it comes to business. Some might call those people lucky, but it is not just sheer luck to them. Coming up with a successful business means research and sleepless nights both in coming up with the business idea and implementing it.

It’s never easy with businesses nowadays especially with the recession hitting the economy so hard. Investments are risky especially the ones with lucrative returns. However, with the right ingredients and experience, starting businesses doesn’t have to be that hard. At least Mark Sparks has made it look that way.

Many people refer Mark Sparks as the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He is a serial investor who has been instrumental to many startup businesses. Investment business is a risky one meaning he has had his ups and down. However, he is one person who is not afraid of venturing into business where everybody else is scared to invest.

Mark Sparks has been in the investment business since graduating from high school in Austin, Texas. He has gotten involved in a myriad of business startups creating his name in the process. When it comes to investment, his reputation precedes him. As a result, he has a mass following for people who want to learn business ropes.

It is surprising how Mark Sparks have risen from being an average student in high school to a successful business mogul. In fact, many might consider it a miracle since he has no formal training to enable him to do what he does.

According to Wikipedia, Mark Sparks believes that God made him special and that is why he is always looking to help other people to achieve what he has achieved. He is keen to attribute his business acumen to being born with a keen instinct for business.

Mark is not afraid to share his success with the world. In his book, They Can’t Eat You; he shares the pains of life he has overcome to reach where he is today. Mark feels that those reading his book will learn more from his failures than his success. He has been in business and has seen it all trust. He has started businesses, and some have not been successful. But his courage and determination have seen him grow into one of the most respected business advisors of his time.

Mark Sparks lives his life to the fullest. He is one person who makes money and also enjoys spending it. He is a tourist who loves to travel. H has been to various parts of the world like India, China, Morocco and the Serengeti. He is also a family man who likes spending time with his family.

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