Investors Want to Work With Don Ressler

Launching a successful tech startup requires a lot of things to go right. This is why you must carefully prepare any startup before you launch it for the general public to use. It is a lack of preparation that dooms many startups to failure. One of the most respected people in the entire tech startup industry is Don Ressler. He has been around for a long time because his attention to detail is second to none. He is able to foresee potential problems and prevent them from happening in the first place. It is because of these factors that Don has repeatedly been involved with many incredibly profitable tech startups during the course of his remarkable career at Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that investors are constantly seeking out Don in an attempt to do business with him.

Starting the skincare retail site called Dermstore put Don on the map as far as the tech startup world is concerned. The site was a huge success from practically the day it was launched. Venture capitalists on LinkedIn always have their eye out for the next big thing. They want to find good investment opportunities that offer them a high probability of making a great profit. These investors were impressed with the way that Don was able to get Dermstore off the ground so quickly. They liked the way Don was able to establish the Dermstore brand on and attract a large group of loyal customers. It was because of these factors that these investors wanted in on Don’s next venture.

Don had wanted to get involved in the clothing industry for quite some time. He finally felt the time was right to start a clothing website because of all the startup capital on Crunchbase that he had been able to generate. He had the necessary funds to acquire a large inventory and seriously compete with all of the other established clothing sites. He called his new site JustFab. The site quickly attracted a large customer base in France. Its popularity spread to several other European countries. Don officially had another hit on his hands.

Don Ressler no longer has any issues when it comes to getting the startup capital he needs. He has a waiting list of investors who are hungry to get on board his next project.

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  1. Don says that it is a relief not having to beg for money to get his startups financed. He will never take that for granted. It is also a grand welcome for especially for the way all these things could have come to pass.

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