George Soros Rises like A Phoenix from the Ashes in Politics and Philanthropy in the U.S

George Soros is no stranger in the political and philanthropic fields in the U.S. Having donated more than $27 million to support the political downfall of President George W. Bush in 2004, Soros is back with a bang, and this time he has shifted focus to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as his favorite ace. Based on verified reports, Soros has become synonymous with donating over $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections. According to financial reports from the Federal Election Commission, Soros with an estimated $24.9 billion is expected to contribute even more as the Election Day approaches. Read his profile at Forbes.

With a 25-year relationship, the 85-year old Hungarian native is expected to attend the Democratic convention in support of Clinton’s presidential nomination slated for Thursday. However, unforeseen circumstances have forced Soros to cancel the trip and instead pay more attention to the volatile economic situation in Europe. According to Soros’ political adviser, Michael Vachon, the billionaire has never been more vocal in the political field, in particular with the exceptionally high stakes in this year’s election. Aside from the hostility between Soros and Trump, the election of Donald Trump is widely considered to put a massive dent on critical issues such criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration.

Soros’ trail of political donations dates back several years as he strengthens his grip on American politics and charitable contributions. For instance, his $7 million donation to a super PAC dubbed Priorities USA Action in aid of Hillary Clinton showcases his relentless pursuit of political involvement in the U.S. Additionally, several Democratic officials can attest that he’s considering donating an extra $3 million to the Foundation.

Upon a further analysis from the FEC, Soros has also played a vital role in the disbursement of an additional $5 million to two separate entities: a super PAC known as the Immigrant Voters Win focusing on the empowerment of Hispanic voters in the primary states and a prominent nonprofit Foundation focusing on the conservative efforts to controlling voting. On the other hand, minor donations ranging from $2 million to $750,000 have also trickled down to several political campaigns and international foundations over the years.

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Personal Profile of George Soros

Before becoming an influential figure in American political campaigns and philanthropy, George Soros had a tumultuous upbringing in Hungary at a time when Hitler wielded massive power. As a devout Jew, Soros and his family had to navigate dangerous paths in their quest to seek better residence in England.

Once settled, Soros put himself through school and later on founded the Soros Fund Management which put him at par with the world’s elite. Soros is notably known for being the first man who broke the Bank of England on his rise to investment dominance. For more information about Soros, visit:

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