Eric Lefkofsky is an Entrepreneur Giant

Known world over for his excellent work done at the company Tempus, Inc., which he Co-Founded not many years ago back in 2015 and has maintained terrific stance as the chief Executive Officer of the booming company, Eric Lefkofsky has become one of the most esteemed entrepreneurs of his time.

Starting off his rise into fame through the simple beginning of higher education, Lefkofsky began through applying to and being accepted by the University of Michigan which he attended back in 1987 through to 1991 before moving on to also attend the University of Michigan Law where he achieved his Juris Doctor degree in 1994 and Eric of Twitter.

Not one to allow for life to pass him by and wanting to make as much positive change as possible through out his lifetime, Lefkofsky has made huge waves through out his life for both his community assistance and the many companies he has founded and built up from the ground to amazing heights.

So far as it goes for the community, Eric has had a heavy hand in co-founding the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to assist in the overall well being of individuals everywhere through his acts in raising money to enhance the quality of each and every individual human’s life through alleyways such as education, medical intervention, human rights, and the arts.

Starting off his entrepreneurial ventures through InnerWorkings where he was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. The next business he put on the radar was Echo Global Logistics in February of 2005 which he later left in 2010, but before leaving he became the founder of another company called MediaBank in 2006, only a year after creating Echo Global Logistics. Still presiding over MediaBank today, Lefkofsky refused to stop there and soon moved on to become the co-founder of Lightbank, which was one of first major successes that everyone seemed to fall instantly in love with.

After his great success with Lightbank, Eric Lefkofsky became the Chairman and Co-Founder of Groupon as well as the co-founder of Uptake before moving on to his most widely appreciated business yet (Tempus, Inc.) where he works with some of the finest scientists of our time to battle against cancer and discover new, improved treatments and cures.

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