Doe Deere Inspires Women Everywhere To Embark On Their Creativity

An unconventional way of thinking is not a popular method among many people, but it worked for Doe Deere and she encourages women everywhere to perfect their unique talent by focusing on their goals. Deere is a successful marketing specialist, technology expert, and the CEO & Founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. She discovered marketing in her native Russia by wearing temporary tattoos to popularize them. She began to sell them to her friends and realized that she had a product that her friends could appreciate. Deere would later move to New York City and try music before she discovered her unique talent for colors.


How Lime Crime Came To Fruition


Lime Crime was on the back burner because Deere became a part of a rock band when she was still new to the Big Apple. It wasn’t going to be her long-term goals, but it did give her a chance to appreciate people that attended her events and contributed to her music. Doe Deere left the band and joined design school. She began to work on those creative colors that she longed for as a child while trying on her mother’s clothes and makeup, realizing that she was not happy with the dull neutral colors of the late 90’s.


Her cosmetics go on smooth with the perfect mold that last throughout the day with waterproof technology. You can go through your normal daily routine including eating and drinking without a smudge. A rainy day is no threat to your makeup with Lime Crime. Customers can choose from vibrant colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Each color is designed to build your confidence and allow you to be bold about your makeup options.


Doe Deere is not afraid to partner with other companies that willing to empower girls and guys around the world. You can accessorize LC with great clothing items, shoes, and accessories from her sister company Dolls Kill.  Visit YouTube and choose from hundreds of actual tutorials of women that wear her products around the world. Place your first-time order exclusively on their website and take part in promotional offers and free shipping.




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