David Osio Leads His Executive Team To Launch New Real Estate Application

David Osio, the founder of Davos Real Estate Group, joined his executive directors during the launch of a new real estate application that will simplify the access to information and support among clients looking to invest in the real estate industry. The company operates as a subsidiary of Davos Finance Group that was launched in 1993 by David Osio. They are looking to bridge the gap that has existed in the sharing of real estate information that is useful to clients for decision making purposes.


With the new application, it will be possible for clients to seek real-time support from the company through the mobile application. Over the last six months, professionals led by Gerald Gonzalez have been working to deliver a solution that will help clients to connect easily with the company. The mobile application that was launched is a step in the right direction and the executive team believes they will now have a chance to offer high quality services to clients though the automation that will come with the system.


One of the things that will be included in the application is the ability to provide and estimated rate for the gains of an investment. This data will be vital among clients because they will now have the ability to make better investment decisions. Currently, the application is available for Android and iPhone devices and this marks the beginning of a series of applications that will be designed to cater for different needs.


Most importantly, the application is developed using the most advanced and latest technology, something that makes it a reliable tool for the execution of vital processes. It will help investors to have a clearer picture of how the real estate market is moving.


About David Osio

David Osio is a renowned entrepreneur and financial analyst whose career has been a journey of learning and advancement. He boasts of an extensive experience in business management and he has been a key person in the development of the Venezuelan business community. He pursued a degree in Finance and International Studies and later advanced to banking and investment banking.


His passion for business motivated him to start his own company and in 1993, Davos Financial Group, which has been delivering expert financial advisory and asset management services.


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