Corporate Wealth Building with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation is one that of one of the best firms in the world of international banking.


Their commitment to excellence, integrity and corporate financial advisory services, which caters to both privately and publicly held organizations as well as both business owners and investors, has helped numerous businesses reach their capitalization and financial goals.


In addition to their acute understanding of the time sensitivity involved in responding to steadfast opportunities, their tried-and-true methods reflect their significant expertise in every area concerning corporate finance, including company valuation, acquisitions and mergers, tax planning, and more.


Company Valuation


Identifying, analyzing, understanding and defining value in your company is the core of what Madison Street Capital is about.


With first person transaction experience, and some of the most sophisticated analytical tools and financial modeling techniques available, M&A’s experienced professionals can determine an objective and exact value for any company.


Whether you require assistance with initial public offerings, tax liability determinations, employee stock ownership plans, convertible and debt securities, international transactions, and more, their experts can determine the corporate worth for your situation and environment.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Whether you are involved in the sell-side or the buy-side of a merger & acquisition,

Madison Street Capital’s experienced investment bankers will work as your trusted partners in negotiating and structuring a transaction to meet your needs.


On the sell-side of the arrangement, an experienced deal team performs a thorough financial analysis from various standpoints concurrently while incorporating the most sophisticated market and industry metrics, valuation techniques, and more.


Additionally, it is M&A’s belief that the greatest assets a company manages are its employees; therefore, their transactions are people centered providing the most favorable outcome both financially and from a corporate culture viewpoint.


Tax Planning


Businesses have various tax planning strategies available to them; however, many times they fail to take advantage of them.


Tax planning helps businesses minimize their tax liability by structuring their business transactions in a way that increases their after tax income by lowering their tax obligation. A properly structured and implemented tax plan provides a business owner with the ability to minimize taxes, maximize income, and shelter assets, which in turn creates wealth building opportunities.


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company in Chicago with offices in Asia, North America, and Africa for equal emphasis to both global and local networks and relationships.


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