Brief History of Successful Pre-eminent Hawaiian Bottler

According to Crunchbase, premium bottler Waiakea Water has grown dramatically since its 2012 company launch by Ryon Emmons and Matt Meyer, who met at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Its product is drawn from the soil of Mauna Loa (Waiakea spring), southwest of Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii.

Formed after twenty-two year-old founder Ryon Emmons “discovered my family had access to one of the most naturally healthy, pure, and sustainable water sources in the world,” the company began harvesting snowmelt and rain filtered though 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, resulting in a product with a pleasant alkaline taste (pH 7.8 to 8.8) augmented by complementary flavors from calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. (Silica in the water adds a smooth texture to the liquid.)

Expansion to Meet Demand. With a focus on health and now in 2000 stores in 60% of US states and abroad, the company has met its growing international popularity with a new Hawaiian manufacturing plant. Emmons reports that the company initially bottled a couple thousand Waiakea water cases in its first year and now exceeds 120,000 cases as Mauna Loa water is marketed worldwide.

Africa’s Potable Water Needs. The company has embraced a charitable initiative since its founding. To date, Waiakea has provided a half billion liters of clean water to address potable water needs in rural Africa. It donates via Waiakea Water partner PumpAid 650 liters of potable water for every liter it sells. The company credits success to its slogan, “Drink Healthy-Drink Sustainably-Drink Ethically,” and its “ethical drinking” program accounting for a third of the Waiakea brand success.

Practical and Sustainable Recycling. The actual product is an alkaline, mineral water with abundant electrolytes, drawn from a natural source. Waiakea water bottles its water in recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic that is potentially “closed loop,” making bottles both user- and earth-friendly. Such recycled plastic need never enter landfills. The bottle production cycle is “carbon neutral,” posing no effects on world pollution. Company founder Emmons states that “in focusing on health, sustainability, and ethics, we’ve built a brand that makes individuals feel good on multiple levels.”

Pay-Off for Quality Water and Carbon Neutrality. The “simple approach” has paid off for Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

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