Betsy DeVos’ Fight For Education Reforms

Mrs. DeVos is a renowned reformer and philanthropist. Mrs. DeVos campaigns for reforms through various non-profit ventures. She chairs the “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation“, an organization that is involved in charitable interests. She also serves in several boards including “Mars Hill Bible Church”, “DeVos Institute for Arts Management”, and “Kids Hope U.S.A.” In a recent interview with Philanthropy magazine, Mrs. DeVos talked about the milestones she has made with regards to education reform.

Mrs. DeVos Take on School Choice

According to Mrs. DeVos there are currently 250,000 students at 33 private choice schools in 17 states and Columbia. She admits that the school choice initiative is quickly becoming popular especially among Latinos. In the past year, the students who were in school choice programs had grown by 40,000. In the year 2012, there were new programs in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Virginia. There were also expanded programs in Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. Indiana also passed a statewide voucher program in 2011. These series of events has caused people to acknowledge that conventional public schools are not effective. People are now slowly warming up to reforms such as tax credits, education savings accounts, and vouchers.

What Caused Mrs. DeVos To Venture Into Education Reform?

When asked the reason she was drawn to education reform system, Mrs. Devos admitted that it was after her children had reached the age of attending school. It was during this time that she visited “The Potter’s House Christian School”. The institution had been serving the low income parents of Grand Rapids. It was while at the school that she met parents who wanted their children to study in a safe and conducive environment. After visiting the school, Mrs. DeVos was touched to the point that she begun supporting students at the institution. Up to date, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos support the “Potter’s House Christian School”.

About Mrs. DeVos

Betsy DeVos works as the U.S. secretary of education. Mrs. DeVos was employed to this position on February 7, 2017. Secretary DeVos has invested her efforts to education reforms for over three decades. She has particularly been committed to helping underserved children to access quality education.DeVos became interested in education after being motivated by her mum, a school teacher. Her interest in education developed when her children reached the age to attend school. DeVos experienced the work reformers in her community were doing to improve education opportunities and has been involved in education reforms ever since.As the secretary of education, DeVos intends to use her position to lobby for equal education opportunities. DeVos believes that a child’s ZIP Code and household income should not determine their opportunity to get education. She is determined to give parents greater authority in choosing the educational settings best suited for their kids and making sure higher education sets students on the road to successful careers.